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That's how we test Exchanges

Below we want to explain to you how our dApp Exchange reviews come about.

Overall rating can be read as follows:

100 - 90 Our favorites
90 - 75 A very good Exchange you can recommend
75 - 55 Good exchange
55 - 45 Exchange with slight weaknesses
45 - 20 Exchange with serious weaknesses
20 Exchange should be avoided

We test the exchanges as follows:


What are the fees for makers and takers?
Are there any hidden fees?

The level of fees is one of the key selection criteria of a decentralized Exchange.


How reputable is the Exchange? Is there a team behind it? How extensive is the legal design? Is there an official company behind the Exchange? Everyone who invests his money expects a serious team and a security not to lose his money. We can not give any guarantee for such cases. With the help of our rating, we want to discourage rogue providers from the market.

How serious is the game?
Are the contracts verified?
Is there a team behind the game?
Are terms of use / disclaimer / privacy available?
Does a KYC take place?
Is there a good support available?


How many coins are listed?

The number of traded coins is of great importance to an exchange


How extensive is the chart ad?

A well-detailed chart should offer many possibilities for chart analysis.


How good is the control of the Exchange?
What are the loading times and are there direct ways?

Here we mainly test the usability and the user interface.

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