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That's how we test blockchain games & dapps.

Our Dapp testers are specialized in subject areas and primarily test in these climes. Nevertheless, every rating is always subjective. The values ​​on our Dapp list are for your guidance.
Below we want to explain to you how our dApp reviews come about.
Each game is played by several editors using a sophisticated testing process. This avoids subjective judgments while revealing the various strengths and weaknesses of the game. Afterward, the game will be comprehensively discussed in a rating conference. The fact that more and more editors decide on the evaluation of a game, the greatest possible objectivity is guaranteed.
We have different playgroups:. Our reviewers always test the games in a suitable cast; often in several groups. In our discord channel, you can find your way to your rating for a game.

If you would like to become a tester yourself, please write an email to or please join our Discord Channel.

If you are dissatisfied with the rating of your Dapp, we will tell you how to improve your dapp. more informations


Overall rating can be read as follows:

100 - Greatest possible fun
90 - Absolutely recommendable, innovative milestone
80 - Very good gaming experience
70 - good, rock-solid game that does a lot right
60 - okay, but that certain something is missing
50 - Mediocre, does not have to be
40 - does not make a good mood arise
30 - Only for Genre fans
20 - Range of play not sufficient
10 - Nothing positive


Here we measure the fun. The game fun rating tells how well the player is entertained and allows a classification to similar games.
Variety of game modes
Varied tasks
Well-written dialogues
Fun management
Exciting story
Much wit
Technically first-class implemented
very complex and versatile
High replay value


detailed look
Huge, varied world
Harmonious and lively game world
Detailed character, elaborate animations
detail amorousness


How serious is the game?
Are the contracts verified?
Is there a team behind the game?
Are terms of use / disclaimer / privacy available?
Does a KYC take place?
Is there a good support available?


Extensive setting
possibilities Successful control
also suitable for beginners
Player friendly control
Are the menus clear?

atmosphere atmosphere:

very realistic gameplay
Cinematic staging
Super music
Extremely coherent overall picture
Atmospheric soundtrack


Games played in 10 years get more points.
Games that are already over after a few days get a bad rating. ("Pyramid Games")
Benefit for the general public?
Long-term investment opportunities?

play extensiveplay extensive:

The widest possible game scope
Comprehensive whitepaper and development options
How original is the game idea?
How is the topic chosen?
Are the rules interesting and the mechanisms innovative?

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