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How to use dapplist

It is very easy to use

1. You can sort by user, value, ratio, rating and, alphabet here.
how to use nr 1

2. Here you can choose games according to your taste. You like Adventure? or rather on casino games
how to use nr 2

3. Use these buttons to expand the list for more information or to view newly listed dAPPs. The button ALLTIME RATIO shows the turnover per user.
how to use nr 3

4. Here you see the current Ethereum Gas Price in Gwei.
how to use nr 4

5. When you open a list entry, you will find interesting details and a brief description of the dAPP.
how to use nr 5

6. Click Read More to see the chart in detail.
how to use nr 6

7. You can check the exact date on the chart.
how to use nr 7

8. What interests you - simply select the "ETH Value" "User" or the "Ratio".
how to use nr 8

9. Here you will find the data for "value" "user" "ratio" in a table. on the left side "all time" "last month" and "last week" in the middle and on the right side "last24h"
how to use nr 9

10. Our player rating.
how to use nr 10

11. Pay attention to this special hint.
how to use nr 11

12. Here you can see the contracts and if they are verified.
how to use nr 12

13. Here you will find the TOP Value and the corresponding address.
how to use nr 13

14. Here you see the TOP TX (Transactions)
how to use nr 14

15. For games where balance is important, it will be displayed here.
how to use nr 15

16. Click on our blog to find exciting content about Blockchain Games and news about the Dapp industry

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