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About Us

We offer the display of the Top Value address.
So within seconds you'll see who is the strongest player in the game.

Many players complained in the past about a disproportionate number of transactions. Some users have exaggerated it. To give you security as a user and Dapp operator, there is now a brand new feature called "topTX". (Top Transaction)

Our best feature spares your nerves and your wallet: "Ratio".

With "ratio" you see immediately how much the user pays on average for an item.
Thanks to our new interactive chart, you have the opportunity to recognize "ratio" peaks and recognize hypes in front of others.

Try our "LAST 24H" chart or "ALL TIME" or a specific date. Full control for your Dapplist.
You can sort dAPPS by categories, giving you full control of your Crypto Gaming experience.
Fun, design, seriousness, control, atmosphere, advance, play extensive
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Our platform offers full transparency for the user.
With more than 30 filters we are the optimal tool for all Crypto gamers.

Share your dApp gaming experience with your friends and acquaintances.
Let's tell the world: Dapps are awesome

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